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Get The Absolute Most Out Of Your Workouts With The DAILY FORMULA Designed For Active Women

The Evolution SIX Women’s Daily Formula is designed by fitness trainers for active women who want to get the absolute most out of their fitness program. Get fit with Evolution SIX and see for yourself what a difference a quality nutritional supplement can make.

Evolution SIX Is Proudly made in the USA in a GMP certified facility

42 Fruits & Vegetables

A super multi-vitamin and mineral pack formulated with our proprietary blend of 42 powerful fruits and vegetables

Essential Fatty Acids

Aside from a good multi vitamin, you want a high quality EFA blend to support your active lifestyle.


Male Specific Support

Our daily formula would not be complete without our added female specific support.

This Is The Only Supplement That We Recommend To Our Private Training Clients

Get Ready To Sculpt A Leaner & Healthier Physique With The Evolution SIX Daily Formula For Active Women


So Much More Than Just Another Multi-Vitamin

42 Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients called anti-oxidants. Your body is put through a large amount of stress every day.Free radicals, a harmful waste byproduct, are the result of this stress. Inside your body, free radicals cause havoc by promoting illness and muscle breakdown.Anti-oxidants combat free radicals, effectively destroying them and removing them from your body.

Essential Fatty Acids

Modern research has revealed the necessity and benefits of a diet packed with healthy fats. Most women don’t receive the essential fatty acids their bodies need for optimal health.Fatty acids such as EPA and DHA play a critical role in protecting and promoting a high level of health for your brain and heart!Our Women’s Formula contains a ground breaking blend of the five most important fatty acids you’ll need: CLA, GLA, ALA, EPA, and DHA. All five in ONE serving!

Designed For Active Women

Who Want Faster Fitness Results

If you’re like most women, you are constantly on the move. Whether you are getting the kids ready for school, heading to work, or off to meet friends, your body rarely has a chance to rest. Many people don’t realize that even with a proper diet, getting all of the nutrition that your body requires is almost impossible! How can you bridge those nutritional gaps in order to look great and feel amazing? Introducing Evolution Six: Women’s Formula. This revolutionary supplement features a formula that is made just for women! Taken daily, as a part of a healthy diet and exercise program, Evolution Six can help you achieve your dream physique.

​•Evolution Six is made for the active woman who wants to do everything she can to support her health, elevate her mood, and maximize her performance at home, the gym, and the work place.

If you find yourself at the gym on top of your usual busy schedule then Evolution SIX has what you need to help your body recover, repair, and grow. Perfect for supporting fat loss while preventing muscle breakdown.

Formulated For Results

After over 20 years of experience with working with fitness clients on a daily basis, we learned a lot in regards to what works and what does not. One thing is certain, you simply can’t get all the nutrition you need with proper food choices. Unfortunately, it’s just not enough.We created the Evolution SIX brand to offer a quality supplement to our personal training clients. A supplement that we trust.

The Results Are In

If you’re looking for a multi-vitamin that is safe, effective and designed specifically for the active woman, then look no further…

Evolution SIX offers a daily blend that just can’t be beat. Each daily pack contains 3 capsules, 1 softgel and 3 tablets (yes, there’s a lot of nutrition in this pack!).

So, if you’re exercising regularly and are serious about your physique, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a quality daily supplement.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Evolution SIX Daily Formula for active women is covered by a A 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. You’re protected by easy returns and a no-questions asked refund policy. we believe in our product and stand behind every purchase.



142 reviewsIn Stock & Ready To Ship