The “Better Than Coffee” Morning Workout

Instead of gulping down that military-grade coffee to get your mind and body into full-gear, hop out of bed and dramatically boost your metabolism through exercise instead!
You’ll burn tons more calories throughout the day and release a smorgasbord of beneficial neurochemicals like endorphins.
Here’s an easy morning workout we put together for you just so you can see how easy it is.
Basics: perform each of the 5 exercises in order as a full circuit. has 3 sets. There are no assigned rest periods. That’s up to you, but shoot to minimize as much rest as possible except between exercises.
Exercise 1: Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings
This exercise is going to loosen up your entire body and get your blood pumping. You can use a Kettlebell or dumbbell and make sure you’re keeping your head UP and spine straight when you go down into squat position. Get low and stretch your glutes and thighs!
Exercise 2: Squat to Presses
Now that you’re warmed up, add some intensity to these squat presses. But make every one of them decisive, with intention and making use of a full range of motion. Squat low, keep the weight in-close, and then come up for a full-press. The ideal is not to stop at the top, then press, but to put your body through one continuous fluid motion throughout each set.
Exercise 3: Renegade “Touch” Pushups
Ideally you should have a set of dumbbells here, but you can do these at a slower tempo on your hands and they’ll be just as killer for the musculature and core. There’s three movements each rep, another full-body fluid motion: the pushup, bringing a dumbbell up to the chest, then bringing the corresponding knee up towards the elbow.
Exercise 4: Stationary Side Lunges w/ Frontal Raises
Okay, so from standing with two dumbbells at your sides, choose a leg and move it out to one side for a side-lunge. Simultaneously, as you step out, do a frontal raise so that when you’re fully into the lunge, your hands are almost touching. Then, immediately back up and repeat. This is hitting not just big muscles, but internal balance and stabilization mechanisms as well.
Exercise 5: Plank Triad
To finish off the circuit, hit your core with this 3 par plan sequence. If possible, work towards being able to do all three without adding any rest between sets for a full 90 seconds of planking.
• Part 1: Middle – 30 seconds
• Part 2: Left – 30 seconds
• Part 3: Right – 30 seconds
You’re Not Done Yet
After you go through this sequence 3 times, get out and do a short run around the neighborhood. The entire workout (including the run) won’t take more than 30 minutes. This sequence is perfect for those busy days where you’ll need the extra energy.
What’s great about these morning workouts is that you don’t have to feel guilty about not having time for your typical routine.
With that, get up, stay on your feet until you’re cooled down a bit then go take a shower and begin another wonderful day!