The 60-Minute Workout Has Officially Gone Extinct

Truth is, mainstream fitness wherever you turn has removed itself from the 60-minute workout model and replaced with the “Smarter not Harder” approach.
And it’s backed by plenty of science and studies across the board, from first-person testimonials galore on fitness and exercise-based websites, to thick folders of clinical data.
The Sprinting Example
A sprinter gets a better metabolic and strength conditioning workout in a fraction of the time at average energy output levels. A powerlifter can completely demolish their upper body in a fraction of the set/rep count.
You can put yourself under tremendous pressure through manipulating body weight in less than 5 reps.
The Animalistic Reasoning
What the body gets used to produces no results. Once the musculature and nervous system adapt to a collective routine that’s it, no more strength, conditioning, and aesthetic growth.
It takes a shock to the system. One good shock can produce results that far outweigh months of mainstream gym routines. Simply because these shocks tell they body, “Hey you need to adapt to this or we could be in danger!”
Is “Changing it Up” Enough?
Does going from using the StairClimber to the treadmill count as a shock? Not for someone that’s fit unless they go straight to incline sprints out of nowhere. Then go back to the StairClimber but buy or borrow someone’s weight vest. Most of the time the things people do to “change things up” really aren’t providing a shock. They’re giving the body some variety in terms of movement, yes, but not an “OMG what was that?” shock.
Routine is the Enemy
Yes, you can create routines that force just about any kind of adaptation you desire, whether that’s a bikini model’s physique or a triathlete’s. Routine and repetition is calming, transfixing, and mesmerizing to the brain because it’s safe and predictable.
But, even those routines if you look closely continuously provide shocks to the system that stimulate the desired change: body fat reduction or muscle building.
Time is Irrelevant
So when you really dig down deep into the primal instincts that drive the human body to adapt, you see that time is completely irrelevant. Human beings for most of our evolution had to be ready to fight or flee at a moment’s notice. Quick bursts of massive stretch and adrenaline to escape or topple an enemy.
These days you can harness these instincts inside of 60 seconds, let alone an hour. Here’s some simple rules of thumb to follow when searching for system shock-worthy exercises:
• Gravitate to what you’re uncomfortable with or that which you tend to avoid. An easy example for guys and gals alike are overhand pullups. Obviously stay safe, and stay within safe boundaries, but definitely look to push yourself through adapting to movements and exercises you wince at.
• Focus on form first, add the shock later. So whatever it is, from power lifts to hardcore outdoor bootcamp-style stuff, focus on form and training your nervous system first. Then, and then only, add the shock value through dramatically increased weight, tension, and difficulty.
• Realize that almost all of the most difficult moves and exercises are body weight exercises. Yep. When was the last time you tried to do a perfect sitting V-into-handstand? Almost nothing in any gym can come close to competing with your own magnificent body with its 360 joints. And you can do these almost anywhere, safely, at anytime.
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