Start Eliminating Foods For Faster Fitness Results

I’ve been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1997 and I still personally train clients on a daily basis.
I have worked with hundreds of people and I have seen exactly what works and what does not.
At the end of the day, if you’re trying to change your physique, what works is proper nutrition. I’m sure you have heard the old saying…

You can’t out train a bad diet

Well, there’s a lot of truth behind that statement and most personal fitness trainers are afraid to admit it. Personal trainers are taught to put emphasis on exercise technique and programming. Of course exercise is important – i’m a fitness trainer and I preach the benefits of exercise all day.
Take a look at these key points in regards to exercise & nutrition:

  • Nutrition is responsible for at least 80% of your physique.
  • You simply can’t workout to your full potential if your body is not properly nourished. Poor workouts = slower results.
  • During a workout, you are breaking your body down. It’s the recovery process that determines your success. You simply can not recover with poor (or even decent) nutritional habits.
  • One bad meal can easily and realistically offset an entire week worth of great exercise.

Okay, so where does one start when it comes to cleaning up their nutritional habits?
Well, over the years, I have found that simply providing a list of meals or quality foods is not enough. We all have nutritional habits that we continue to go to.
I’m willing to bet that what you’ll eat this week is going to be very similar to what you ate last week and the week before. We all have our “go-to” meals.
What’s the most efficient way to substitute those meals for better choices?
It’s the simple process of elimination.
It’s the starting point that always works. Find those foods that might be problematic towards your fitness goals and eliminate them.
I come from a culture that is very big on food. I grew up eating red meats, cheeses, breads and dishes filled with flavor – and of course calories.
As an adult I realized two things.

  1. My metabolism simply can’t keep up and my workouts demand better nutrition.
  2. I’m not immortal and aside from the physique sculpting side, I need to pay attention to my health.

I personally gave up red meat and minimized (almost eliminated) my cheese intake. Just red meat alone was HUGE for me. No more beef burgers and since pepperoni, sausage and meatballs are no longer an acceptable topping, no more pizza as well.
Since¬†foods which I shouldn’t eat are no longer an option, I’m now naturally eating more of the food that I should be eating. Everything starts to fall into place once you eliminate certain foods.
So, what foods will you be eliminating?
To help get you started, here is a starter list of common foods that my personal training clients have eliminated (or at least minimized)

  • breads
  • chips & crackers
  • cookies, cakes and pastries
  • pre-packaged snacks
  • red meat
  • fattening salad dressings
  • cheese
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • misleading smoothies
  • pasta (I know, that’s my favorite too)
  • soda and yes, even diet soda

Obviously, the list can go on and on…
What are some foods that can be introduced aside from the traditional “more fruits, veggies and grilled chicken breast”
how about:

  • steel cut oatmeal with fruit & nuts
  • greek yogurt with berries
  • a grilled chicken salad topped with pineapple slices
  • an Evolution SIX whey protein shake with nuts and a banana
  • veggie wraps (you’ll be surprised how creative you can get with these)

So, what are your going to eliminate or minimize? It’s not a rhetorical question… commit to it. reply¬†in the comment box below…
Also, be sure to take a look at our quality nutritional supplements for even faster fitness results.
Like always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your fitness program.
Looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.