Lower Body Booty Workout

Here’s a lower body booty workout that’s guaranteed to put some shape in your rear.
This is a four part workout, and honestly… it’s pretty tough. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
Part One:
(15) Heavy 1 1/2 squats -> 20 Jump Squats (non weighted)
(14) Heavy 1 1/2 squats -> 20 Jump Squats
… all the way down the ladder. Jump Squats stay at 20. Minimal breaks
Part Two:
(10) heavy bridge weight on hips -> 30 second mini squats.
Down the ladder until you get to 5 weighted hip bridges.
Part Three:
Right leg SLDL Heavy – 25 REPS
Left Leg SLDL – 25 REPS
Right Leg Courtesy 25 Reps
Left Leg Courtesy 25 Reps
Repeat 2-3 Times
Part Four Abs:
100 full situps
1 minute plank
50 full situps
1 minute plank

Omar J. Nasouri

Omar has been a personal fitness trainer and weight loss consultant since 1997. He is currently certified through the NSCA as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and holds a Bs degree in Kinesiology (emphasizing in fitness, nutrition and health) from SDSU. If you're interested in personal training in the San Diego area, visit Fitness 4 San Diego

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