Before I continue with this post, I have to ask that you please forgive me if what I’m about to say comes off as a little harsh. This is a conversation that I have all the time with my personal training clients and it always starts and ends the same…

 I don’t get it, I really want to lose weight, I want to change my body, but I just can’t.

…and my answer is always the same.

You don’t want to change your body. You say you do…

Now, before I get to my point, I have to ask you the same question. Do you want to change your body? I mean it. Do you REALLY want to improve your physique?
Obviously, we all want a better physique. We all want to look better. Just not at the sacrifice of that one cookie. That same cookie is holding us all back.
Now, I’m just using cookies as and example here.
You’re at the office and you have been doing well with your nutritional plan. It’s Friday and a coworker decides to bring a box of cookies. You’ve been good all week, you deserve it. Besides, It’s just one cookie right?
The truth is, that cookie will not set you back. It can’t set you back. If it could, then I would be the first to tell you that this whole exercise and nutrition thing is just not worth it.
The problem comes when we continually try to justify all those little moments when we slip on our diet and exercise program.
You had a long day at work and had to put in a few extra hours. You got up early that morning and worked out hard yesterday anyway. You can take the day off right? it’s just one workout.
Just an hour ago I was working with a client and after a great workout I asked how her nutrition was.
“Oh, I’m doing really well. I did goof a little bit today… but it was only half a burger. I didn’t eat the whole thing”
“It was just half a burger.”
And that’s exactly when i started digging. A new burger joint has just opened up in the neighborhood. Five minutes into the conversation she confessed that she had already (within a one week period) gone to this spot three times and had half a burger on each occasion.
At the end of it all, within a one week period, it turns out that she had accumulated two FULL burgers, enough appetizers for a month, and half a milk shake. And who knows how many little things she forgot to mention.
We tend to justify and quickly forget about all the little things but believe me when I tell you…
It all adds up!
Now this is exactly why I ask my all clients to keep an accurate journal. It is important to record all nutritional and exercise behaviors so that by the end of the week we can accumulate all the little mishaps.
That one cookie along with that missed workout (which quickly became two if not three) along with all those other events that seemed minimal at the time have accumulated to one big set back.
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