Don’t Wait…
Let’s End This Year Strong

At the time of writing this, we’re two weeks away from the 2016 New Year. January is right around the corner and individuals are planning their fitness resolutions from now.
It’s a bit sad really. I see the same people making the same promises year after year and yet, come mid January they get distracted and put off their goals until the following year.
Do you have a 2016 fitness goal? Are you actually waiting until 2016 to start taking the appropriate actions to get you there?
I know it’s the holiday season and you’re a bit busy. You just want to get through this hectic time and start a new program with a new year. It’s an almost justifiable way of thinking.
Here’s a harsh but truthful statement for you…
If you’re willing to wait until a certain date to take a “goal oriented”¬†action, then you’re probably not excited about it. If you’re not excited about it then you probably don’t want it. If you don’t want it, then guess what? You’re just not going to get it.
This applies to any goal you might have in life. If you have a financial goal, then you need to be excited about the hard work ethic that will get you there.
Let’s try something different this year. Instead of starting next year with a new goal in mind, let’s end this year with a bang. Anyone can start something, but only those who truly want it will see it through to the end.