As a fitness trainer I have seen more than my share of fitness products and videos. I could never pop in a DVD and follow along with a workout program. Until I ran into Insanity. Shaun T. is an amazing fitness trainer who obviously has passion for what he does. This set has changed the game for do-at-home workout videos. The Beachbody team has really put together a winner here.
Along with my current workouts, I will throw in a DVD twice a week and I will sweat! This workout is no joke. I have been a fitness trainer for over 12 years (at the time of writing this) and I have tried every workout available. I get results using Insanity, my clients get results and you should be getting results with insanity as well.
I know my clients struggle finding a productive workout away form our personal training sessions. I always tell them the same thing…
If you want to invest in your body, if you want to lose fat, then invest in insanity.
Invite Shaun T. into your home for a great workout series. This is a great compliment to your current fitness routine or you can even use it as a stand alone program.
Give it a try and please let me know what kind of results your getting with the program.
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