Most People Are NOT Getting The Absolute Most Out Of Their Fitness Efforts And Here’s Why…

It can be frustrating. You work hard and eat right yet your body is not changing as fast as you would like. You have a life outside of the gym so 3-hour workouts are just not an option.
Your friends all criticize you for your healthy meal choices as you enjoy your veggie plate while they overindulge on that large pizza.
You’re truly trying, but you feel stuck with your progress. What could you possibly be doing wrong? what should you change?
Here are 6 quick tips that are sure to help you get the most out of your fitness program:

1 – Finish strong with workout finishers. If you’re looking to get lean, then be sure to add a short (but intense) workout finisher at the end of your routine. This is NOT the time to experiment with new exercises. You just completed a full workout and you’re fatigued. You want to stay safe with exercises that your body is accustomed to. A great place to start is the workout finishers 2.0 program.

2 – Stop justifying those small mishaps. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, but believe me when I tell you that all those little things add up. I recently wrote an entire article on just this topic. Missing a workout this week will probably not set you back at all, but if you make a habit out of it, 2 missed workouts per week equals 104 missed every year. That’s gonna hurt. The same is true for that small piece of dessert. When you justify it because of how small it was, you then forget about it – and all the others that follow. Don’t justify these little mishaps, instead acknowledge them and be honest with yourself.

3 – You can take a day to recover, but there’s no such thing as a day off. This tip is straight from the Evolution SIX program. A rest / recovery day is NOT a day off from your fitness regimen. A rest day has an important purpose and that purpose is to recover from your previous workouts. Recovery requires rest, muscle relaxation, and high quality nutrition and supplementation.

4 – Learn to sprint. If you’re not already incorporating sprints into your workout, then you are definitely missing out on one of the best (if not the best) workouts available to you. Sprinting is arguably the king of workouts. I have seen out of shape marathon runners and bodybuilders, but have never seen an out of shape sprinter. Take the time to train and learn how to sprint correctly as sprint can get intense.

5 – Supplement your way to success. If you’re working out regularly and eating right, then supplements can definitely help you achieve faster fitness results. When your body goes through the stress and strain of a good workout, you’ll need to make sure that the nutrients your consuming can provide adequate recovery. Since food quality is nowhere near optimal, largely because of today’s processing methods, you simply can not rely on diet alone.

This fact alone is why we created the Evolution SIX Men’s Formula and the Evolution SIX Women’s Formula. I highly recommend that you try our daily packets for yourself.

6 – Follow a proven to work system. Don’t waste your time trying to figure things out on your own. Follow a system that has already worked for so many others. We’re giving away full access to our entire Evolution SIX fitness training program with the purchase of any of our nutritional supplements. You’ll get instant access to all the tools you need to take your fitness to the next level.

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Hope you found these quick tips helpful.