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Get Lean

Sculpt a leaner & healthier physique and show off your new body with a goal oriented fitness program. Follow our program and prepare yourself for noticable results.

Reach New Goals

Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds of unwanted fat or to sculpt an athletic physique, this jump-start kit is designed to help you set and reach new fitness goals.

Be Fit

Being fit is about feeling great. We’ll help you establish a well rounded fitness program that will give you more strenght, energy and overall motivation in all aspects of life.

This Jump Start Program Will Help You Sculpt A Fit, Tight And Toned Physique While Looking And Feeling Years Younger

Come See For Yourself What Working With A Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer Can Do For You!!

Jump-Start Your Fitness Goals

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30 Minute Goal Setting Consultation

Meet with a qualified fitness trainer and develop a customized fitness plan that will help you achieve the goals you deserve.


1 Week Of Unlimited Workouts

There’s no better way to jump-start your fitness goals than with a qualified personal trainer. These semi-private sessions can be a life changer.


Workout Video Library

We’ll give you access to the Evolution SIX workout videos. This system is a great addition to your workout sessions. These workouts are dsigned to be quick and efficient.

The Ultimate Jump-Start Package

What You Get


This is NOT your typical fitness consultation. This is a full goal oriented body transformation consultation that will give you all the tools and information you need to begin sculpting a leaner and healthier physique.

During this time, we’ll take a few measurements and go through some basic fitness tests. This will give us a starting point. From there, we’ll be able to establish a game-plan that is designed to help you get the results you’re looking for.

You get personalized exercise and nutritional guidelines that are customized for you and your personal goals.Take advantage of this session and ask any fitness related questions you might have. This consultation alone is worth the entire fee of the program.


That’s right, this is your chance to come in and workout for an entire week with your own qualified San Diego area fitness trainer.

Come in and train with our semi-private group or bring a friend for added motivation. These workouts will give you a full introduction to our training style and philosophies. During this week, you’ll learn how to get the absolute most out of your exercise routine.

Randy Barno Fitness is not a typical gym. We’re a private training facility that focuses on personal and small group training. Come in and see for yourself what working with a fitness trainer is all about.


Get instant access to the entire Evolution SIX workout system. This includes online workout videos, recipes, challenges and more.

This system typically sells as a standalone product for $49. Today, it’s included with your jump-start program.

Strength Training

Our strength training programs are designed to be fun, effective and motivating. You’ll see results as you will immediately become stronger, more energetic and confident.

Body Sculpting

Reshape your body with a strategic fitness program combined with proper nutritional habits. Your friends and family will observe noticeable changes in your physique in as little as six weeks.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds of unwanted body fat, then you have definitely come to the right place. Our results speak for themselves. Come in and discover a strategy designed for permanent weight loss.

Never Miss A Workout

Home Workouts That Compliment Our Sessions

There is absolutely no substitute for a workout with a qualified fitness trainer. We realize that you have a life outside of the gym and might not make it to every session. Well, we want you to get results and that’s why we’re giving you instant access to the Evolution SIX workout system. These workouts are designed to go hand-in-hand with our training sessions. This is the perfect solution for those days that you need a quick workout away from the gym. Combined with our training sessions, you’ll now have all the tools you need to achieve serious results.

We Get Results

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials


I started training with Randy almost 3 years ago and I am so happy that I did. I had my doubts about what I was capable of and Randy pushed me to be the best I could be. He is beyond knowledgeable and so easy to trust when it comes to bettering your lifestyle with fitness. The group workouts are always awesome and my group pushes me to never give up. Randy has built such an awesome workout group and we all want to see each other succeed. THANK YOU TO THE BEST TRAINER FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD IMPACT IN MY LIFE! The best trainer!

Janelle K.


Randy is an amazing individual and a phenomenal coach. He has worked with our teenage son for the past year. He cares about his clients and knows his stuff. Our boy has experienced growth in strength, understanding of fitness, and most importantly CONFIDENCE.

He takes on tweens and teens so reach out because there isn’t a program like Randy’s anywhere.

Jeremy N.


Randy is a master trainer to the extreme. His years of education and training has molded him to be one of the best trainers in San Diego. He’s highly respected in the fitness industry and rightfully so. If you’re looking for someone to push you and teach you the proper ways to workout, Randy is your man. The energy in this gym and team workouts are addicting and leave you with always wanting more. I started training with him 7 years ago and haven’t stopped since. BEST TRAINER AROUND!

Ashley B.

What You Get

Here’s a quick overview of exactly what to expect to receive when you join our two day jump-start program

Reach New Goals

Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds of unwanted fat or to sculpt an atheletic physique, this jump-start kit is designed to help you set and reach new fitness goals.


30 Minute Body Transformation Consultation


One Week Of Unlimited Group Sessions


Exclusive Workout Video Access


Quick-Start Fitness Guide


Customized Success Strategy

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