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Beta Switch Review

An in-depth review of the just for women program known as the Beta Switch

The Beta Switch is a 12-week fitness program that switches on your fat-burning Beta receptors and switches off your stubborn-fat storing Alpha receptors…
This program was put together by women’s weight loss author and body transformation expert Sue Heintze.

The Beta Switch Review…


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The very first thing I noticed about the Beta Switch is how beautifully organized this program is. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. All the guides, videos and resources are cleanly available on one simple to use access page.

What About The Content?

WOW. For the price (which is very reasonable by the way) I just couldn’t believe how much information Sue has given away. It was resource after resource of useful guides, checklists, workout-sheets, videos and more.
I’ll go into a bit more detail about the program itself, but I definitely suggest that you add this program to your library immediately.

So, What Do You Get?

RESOURCE #1 – The Beta Switch Manual
The main manual is a 116 page women’s only resource is designed to help you understand fat storage and how to finally combat stubborn body fat.
Within this manual, you’ll learn how your body works and what you can do to reduce fat storage and inflammation. You’ll understand how hormones can factor into your success and what you can do about it. bottom line is simple… you’ll begin shedding weight and getting lean.
If this were the only resource in the program, it would still be a GREAT BUY. But, you get so much more…
RESOURCE #2 – The Beta Switch Quick Start Guide
This guide simplifies your day to day action plans. I would recommend that you print out this guide resource and use it as a daily guide towards your success.
RESOURCE #3 – The Beta Switch Diet Tracker Sheets
Here, you’ll receive three separate worksheets for each of the diet “days”. These worksheets will help you stay organized while simplifying your nutritional planning. Another great resource.
RESOURCE #4 – The Beta Switch Program Checklist
This guide provides a goal sheet, shopping list and day to day to-do checklist of items that will help you follow the Beta Switch program.
RESOURCE #5 – The Beta Switch Stories
Get inspired with real stories by real women who have found great success with the program. Learn the secrets to their success as they share their inspirational journey with you.
RESOURCE #6 – The Beta Switch Supplement Guide
Although I am a bit biased towards supplements (of course I would personally favor Evolution SIX) Sue does give some good information on supplements and sources. The list sticks to the fundamental supplements that will definitely help with your fitness journey.
RESOURCE #7 – The Beta Switch Workout Manual
The main program guide focuses primarily on the nutritional aspect of the program. Here, you will learn the workout and exercises used with the Beta Switch system. These exercises are designed primarily for women who want to lose weight while maintaining a lean physique.
RESOURCE #8 – The Beta Switch Exercise Guide
The exercise guide gives you detailed instructions and images on each exercise within the system.
RESOURCE #9 – The Beta Switch Workout Sheets
As a fitness trainer myself, this is my favorite section of the Beta Switch review. Here’s where you will get a week by week and workout by workout template for every phase of the program. This is another great resource to print out and follow along. See resource #11 below if you need to see the workouts performed.
RESOURCE #10 – The Beta Switch Success Tracker
Developing a game plan and tracking your goals is an important aspect of any success oriented fitness program. This sheet will help you establish a starting point, track your progress and help you set a clear path to success.
RESOURCE #11 – The Beta Switch Video Library
If having 24 exercise videos isn’t enough for you, Sue has added an additional tummy tuck workout video section for a total of 37 videos.

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10 Fitness Motivation Social Media Accounts You Need to Follow Today!

10 Fitness Motivation Social Media Accounts You Need to Follow Today!

Do you need motivation? Here are some of the best accounts to get you through your workout.
Fitness motivation is important if you wish to develop the physique of your dreams. Social media has become a large part of everyone’s lives, and when it comes to fitness this is one of the primary ways for people to receive motivation.
Thousands of health conscious and fit men and women are on display showing that anything is possible, and some even provide advice and tips on how to succeed. Below are 10 Twitter and Instagram accounts that you should definitely consider following for tips, advice and fitness motivation.
1. (Twitter) Adam Bornstein – @BornFitness
Bornstein is a top fitness guru that knows what he is talking about. Hundreds of fitness professionals even seek his advice for tough situations, and Arnold Schwarzenegger even consulted his services when he was ready to enter the fitness industry again. He is a New York Times bestselling author that provides simple yet realistic approaches to nutrition and fitness.
2. (Twitter) FitBottomedGirl – @FitBottomedGirl
This twitter account was created to go along with their website, and provides plenty of valuable information on nutrition, fitness, workout gear and lots of other fitness related topics. Though the name seems to apply more towards women, the info is still great for men, too.
3. (Instagram) Two Bad Bodies – @twobadbodies
This is an interesting female duo that gives motivation to those who want to see that fitness isn’t all about just being serious and lifting dumbbells. They perform a lot of exercises that are cardio and circuit based without the use of free weights or any other types of gym equipment.
4. (Instagram) Shonda – @shonda1020
Shonda is another female that offers a twist to the whole aspect of fitness training, but this time it is with home bodyweight training while using items around the house. For example, she shows followers how to perform exercises on a stable chair to get a better workout.
5. (Twitter) Breaking Muscle – @BreakingMuscle
Breaking Muscle provides daily health and fitness articles that are useful and easy to follow. They also have plenty of different workout programs available for those seeking new training routines. This account is run by a group of fitness professionals with experience.
6. (Twitter) Zen to Fitness – @zentofitness
Zen to Fitness also provides daily articles covering the topics of health, fitness, nutrition and everything in between with little regard to fad diets that will disappear in the near future. This account is purely based off of factual info to keep you strong and healthy!
7. (Instagram) BJ Gaddour – @bjgaddour
Gaddour is actually the Fitness Director for Men’s Health, so that alone should tell you he kind of knows a thing or two about fitness. He is an established fitness author and is highly encouraging for people who want to perform bodyweight exercises.
8. (Instagram) Will Arrufat – @willsworkout
Arrufat is a certified personal trainer that focuses on providing exercises that truly work for anybody capable of physically training. He works with Nike by taking high intensity workouts and bringing them to the streets of NYC. He provides a lot of photos of clients that have been able to transform under his guidance.
9. (Twitter) Sarah Fit – @SarahDussault Dussault actually has a well-established training account on YouTube where she provides relevant videos on how to perform exercises and workout programs. Her Twitter account is great to follow because you get to see all the media she creates as opposed to just her blog or YouTube.
10. (Twitter) Jay Cardiello – @JayCardiello
With motivational posts, practical advice and a slice of his own personal brand of quirkiness, this is one trainer who can and will make you want to get fit ASAP! If he looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s been profiled in almost all the top fitness magazines and most recently was on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours with his ‘No Diet Plan.’
All 10 of these social media accounts should be followed if you wish to have some extra fitness motivation for your training program. Who knows, they may even follow you back! In the end, they offer you so much valuable information on such a wide array of fitness topics that we doubt you’ll be able to stay on the couch for long.

Exercise Program to Lose Weight

Looking for an exercise program that will help you lose weight fast?

If you’re looking for an exercise program that will help you lose weight while feeling more energized, then be sure to follow this simple pre-designed workout formula. Make sure to read this entire article as I’ll show you how to access my Evolution SIX workout routine – for free.
The very first thing you need to keep in mind when starting an exercise program to lose weigh is the activity itself. Exercise is not always fun, but it needs to at least be tolerable. If your program is more of a chore, then your less likely to stick to it.
Weight loss success is all about commitment and consistency.
Follow this exercise program for at least six weeks and you will begin to see results. You will lose weight. All you have to do is commit to the program.
If you’re a beginner or have been away from a consistent exercise program for a while now, then this section is especially important. Before starting your six week routine, bake sure to:

  1. Consult with your physician or fitness expert and let them know you are planning on incorporating a new fitness routine.
  2. Spend at least 2 weeks familiarizing yourself with the exercises that you’ll be using. This strategy ensures that you’ll get the most out of your exercise program and lose weight faster during the routine.

Your Six Week Exercise Program to Lose Weight

This is a six week program that is broken down into three phases. Each phase is only two weeks in duration and has a specific purpose.
Weeks 1-2
Assuming you have spent sometime familiarizing yourself with a few exercises, it’s not time to get started. The goal of this first two week period has 3 parts.

  1. Improve your overall conditioning level
  2. Increase your strength while burning more calories
  3. Develop a workout schedule that you can adhere to for the weeks to come

You will perform two workout strategies during this phase. The majority of your workouts will be as follows:

  • Start with a 5-10 minute warm up.
  • Perform a circuit of 6-10 different exercises and repeat at least 3 rounds.
  • End with a 10-15 minute cardio sequence followed by a low intensity cool down.

Try to complete 5-6 workouts each week. You can reserve 1 or 2 of those workout days for lighter days where you would focus on performing 30 – 40 minutes of cardio. This is a good way to mix things up in the beginning so that you don’t overwork yourself.
Weeks 3-4
Here’s where things will start to get interesting. You have by now built a strong foundation and are ready to pick things up a bit. During this 2 week period, your goal is to increase the intensity and tempo of your workouts.
Instead of a single circuit, you’ll now perform a mini circuit of only 3 exercises. Repeat this mini circuit 3 times as quickly (but stay safe) as possible. After completing all 3 round, then you can take a short break and move on to the next mini circuit of 3 different exercises. Put together a series of 3 – 4 mini circuits. Each mini circuit should contain an upper body exercise, a lower body exercise and and higher intensity cardio exercise like jumproping, sprinting or even speed jumping jacks.
Weeks 5-6
This is it, your last two weeks in your exercise program to lose weight. You worked hard to get to this point, and now it’s time to finish strong. These last two weeks are going to have a slightly different schedule. You’re going to workout for 3 days consecutively and then take 1 day off to rest and recover. You’ll repeat this 4 times to end the last 2 weeks. Here’s what your workouts will look like…
Day 1: Perform a large circuit similar to the first 2 weeks but at a slightly higher intensity.
Day 2: Do your mini circuits on this day.
Day 3: Dedicate an entire workout to moderate / high intensity workout intervals. This workout does not need to be long, but should be challenging.
Your not done yet…

This Is Just The Beginning

After completing this six week exercise program to lose weight, take a week or two off to evaluate your progress. Wait, don’t get too excited… I don’t mean take a week completely off. Instead, workout regularly at a moderate intensity.
during this “break” you’ll be mentally and physically prepping for the next six week program. that’s right, you get to do it again.

How Can Supplements Effect Your Exercise Program For Weight Loss?

Here’s an important point to remember… All these efforts can go to waste if your nutritional program is not where it needs to be. If you are however eating right and working out regularly, there is one more thing you can do to really take advantage of this program and lose weight even faster. The Evolution SIX Fat Loss Formula is designed to help you lose weight during your exercise program.
We currently have a special offer on this formula. Click Here To Learn More.