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Local Business Interviews

Here is a quick and easy way to create content for your site while potentially attracting new leads. This marketing strategy will help local business owners send their list of contacts to your site (and hopefully enroll in one of your jump-start program).

Campaign Overview

Find local businesses that service your ideal client. Talk to them about helping them spread the word about their business via your blog.

Either conduct a short interview with the business owner or provide your personal positive review of the business.

Use this content to create a blog article or video. Now, share this video with your contacts and show the business owner how to share your link with their contacts.

They get free exposure and you get traffic to your site. It’s a perfect win, win. This can even be combined with a referral program as well (see promotional notes) 

See Action Steps Below…

Action Steps


Make A List Of Several Businesses

Some business owners are harder to get a hold of than others. Start making a list of local businesses and get out there and introduce yourself.

I’m sure you already know a few business owners who might be interested in this quick project. Start with those as it’s quicker and typically easier to set up.

Here are a few business ideas:

  • Chiropractors
  • Spas, Salons and Massage Clinics
  • Healthy Food Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores (privately owned stores are typically easier)
  • Anything Beauty Related
  • Real Estate Agents (yup, they usually have influence within certain neighborhoods)

Creating Content

Every business want additional exposure. The key here is to focus the attention of this project on them and helping them gain free publicity through your web site. Now, although it’s not necessary, I suggest that you use their service a few times before moving forward. This will help make the process much easier as you will know exactly what they have to offer.

When creating content for your web site using another business, you are only limited to your imagination. I think the two easiest methods are:

Interviews – This can be done in person or via email. Simply have a few questions pre-written for the business owner and allow them to share their business model and personality with you. Think about questions that would encourage your current clients to try this business.

Reviews – Sometimes interviews can be a little time consuming to set up. If you’re a customer of this business, you could write a positive review about the business, share it with the business owner and ask them if it’s okay for you to share the review on your web site. As long as it’s a positive review, they’ll be thrilled and feel like they owe you one… 


Create The Post

You should be comfortable creating and publishing posts / articles on your web site. Use the content from the interview or review to create a post about the featured business. Remember, you can keep it simple with just plain text or you can get creative and add images, videos and audio clips. This doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just make sure you get it done.


Share and Show Them How To Share

Don’t forget to add a featured image to your post. Remember, this image will display on certain social media sites when shared. Now, share the article with your social media accounts and if you have a newsletter, create a quick email with a link to the article.

Here’s the important part. Make sure the business owner knows exactly how to share the article with his or her following. Have them share the article on their social media accounts and have them link to the article any way they can (their newsletter or web site).

The goal with this is to generate traffic to your site and then convert those visitors into clients by offering them a gift card to your jump-start program.

Promotion Notes & Ideas

  • This would be a good time to talk to the business owner about your referral program. Ask if you could leave a 4X6 display and card holder in their business with referral cards in them. Of course, the cards will have the business name printed on them so you can pay the owner for any new clients that you get from this promotion. Also, you can have them share the gift card code and tell them to have their followers mention their business name for an extra week of training (or whatever you might be willing to offer) if they mention the business name when they come in.

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