An Ab Blasting Gym Workout for Cardio Lovers

Here’s a thought, instead of putting yourself through another 30 minute cardio session after hitting your abs for a while, why not combine them into one ab blaster workout? We’re going to break the cardio up into 3 shorter, powerful, and intense sessions with lots of great ab-work between.
Try to minimize rest as much as humanly possible, and ideally, choose a different form of ab-friendly cardio for each set. Keep your body on its toes and add some flavor to your routine, enjoy!
Intensity: Most people forget to include power to their ab routine. After a while, ordinary crunches or reverse crunches are no longer effective builders. But, if you do them in quick controlled bursts that’s a whole different story. Try and add as much intensity to each little ab-set below for the best results.
Cardio Set 1: 10 Minutes Rowing
Rowing is a full-body, functional, and rewarding form of cardio that while gaining in popularity still seems to intimidate some folks. All you have to do is keep your head up (instead of staring at your feet) and shoulders back and away from your ears. Shoot for either 10 solid minutes of rowing, or, 1600 meters (1 mile), whichever comes first.
·         30-40 crunches:
·         20 Reverse crunches:
·         15 Bicycle crunches:
Cardio Set 2: 10 Minutes Stairclimber
Find a program that keeps the intensity level constantly shifting up and down. An ideal setting is one that challenges you, but not so much that you need to hold on to the handlebars. Incorporate the internal balance and stabilization mechanisms and muscles if possible. This puts more tension on the core and will help you build al the smaller “body control” muscles.
·         25 Leg Lifts:
·         60 second Plank Triad:
·         15 Bicycle crunches:
Cardio Set 3: 10 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
These can be deceptive at times. For this last set, aim for 10 minutes of slow and steady movement against higher resistance levels where you’re using both your arms and legs. Again, keep your head up, breathe from the diaphragm, and keep the metabolic momentum going for the last ab-sets.
·         20 Reverse crunches:
·         24 Standing Side-Crunches:
·         15 Toe-Touches:
The basic structure of this workout can be used to create near endless routines. Breaking apart your longer cardio sessions and adding in body weight exercises or resistance training sets is a stellar way to make workouts more effective and exciting.
However, if you’re in a mass-building phase these types of workouts are likely too intense and burn too many calories. For those after tightening and toning, it doesn’t get much better. Thanks for reading and remember to always continue experimenting with your workouts.