8 Things You Probably Aren’t Doing at the Gym

Even dedicated fitness nerds needs a little reminding once in a while. That said, below are the 8 most common things that you may be forgetting to do at the gym to keep moving onward and upward to/past your fitness goals. Enjoy!

#1: Writing Stuff Down

If you’re not writing anything down, that means you’re winging it or using a half-ass plan. Don’t tell me you can effectively do everything in your head from day to day, week to week. Countless have tried, none have succeeded to get fabulous physiques without following a system. What’s yours look like?

#2: Drinking Enough Water

Sure, you probably hit up the water fountain a couple times to take a breather but water really isn’t mentally included in your fitness regimen the way protein is. Bummer! Is it really THAT hard to invest in a water bottle? Come on folks…

#3: Minimizing Unnecessary Rest

If you exercise alone without a motivated friend, in a group setting, or with a trainer, you’re probably going to rest far more than you need to. It’s only natural. This is why working out with a buddy, investing in a trainer, and tossing in a couple fitness classes a week is so incredibly effective for just about everyone.

#4: Practicing Perfect Form

Maybe perfect is too strong of a word, but you get the point. Along with resting too much, the vast majority of Lone Ranger fitness lovers skimp on ideal form because they either don’t know exactly what it looks like, they don’t understand the full benefit, or they’re just not holding themselves accountable for it.

#5: Actively Stretching

Don’t do a big set and then sit down. Don’t go through a metabolic gauntlet for 40-60 seconds then lean up against a rail. Walk around or do some hops or something to keep the momentum going and play it safe with your cardiovascular system.

#6: Really Challenging Yourself

This is a big one. Are you consistently challenging your body when you exercise? If not, then don’t complain about average results. Conditioning is all about harnessing the power of your body’s adaptive process. If you’ve reached a plateau in terms of weight, that’s fine, start branching out into performance goals, or experimenting with new fitness approaches.

#7: Mixing it Up Enough

Many of these blend together don’t they? Listen, there’s countless ways to exercise and hundreds upon hundreds of exercises to choose from. Yet, the average fitness lover is taking advantage of maybe 10 each week. No kidding!

#8: Using Heavy Enough Weights

These days the circuit-based approach is crazy-popular, along with functional fitness. Awesome! But, it’s pretty common to see people get stuck into this “light to medium weight only” mind frame and neglect strength training altogether. Everyone should incorporate working with heavier weights at least once a week.
How did you measure up? Chances are you’re not doing at least 3 of these things on a consistent basis. That’s okay. No worries. Now that you’re aware, you can put more attention on areas that need improvement and see much better results!