There’s only so much willpower to go around, right? Life moves one day at a time and along with our physical training goals, there’s all kinds of other priorities and responsibilities that demand their share. In this article we’re going to go over 6 easy ways to help you get the most out of your fitness-willpower. Enjoy!
#1: Embrace Morning Exercise
Add this to the already long list of reasons to get your workouts in early. But here’s the deal, most recent studies on the subject of willpower claim that it’s at its brightest early on in the day before being thinned out by everything else!
It doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout, just enough to super-charge your metabolism and pump your brain full of positive and productive neurochemicals. Through the application of power and intensity, you can achieve this in 5 minutes. Boom, taken care of. And, you can still workout in the afternoon or evening.
#2: Get a Couple Small Successes Early
Then there’s this: getting in the early morning workout is a win! It’s a success! You did it! And that’s a great way to start the day. It means you’ll be more likely to regulate eating for the rest of the day and make good choices that build on this early win.
#3: Transform “Resist” into “Avoid”
What you resist, persists. But avoidance is something different altogether. To demonstrate this, take a look at these two sentences. Which would be more effective if you wanted to avoid that slice of cheesecake?

“I can’t have that.”


“I’d just prefer something else is all.”

Try it in your mind. Pick something, anything that could set you back in terms of your fitness goals. Now try both of those sentences. One makes you feel like you HAVE to have it, while the other completely releases you without adding to temptation or really drawing from your willpower at all, right?
#4: Minimize “Screw It!” Moments
Okay, so you manage to avoid the cheesecake but your date doesn’t. In fact, they get the cheesecake with extra chocolate drizzle and whip cream. You take a bite, then another nibble, then “Screw It! I want my own piece.”
If you can make it a habit to stay one step ahead of these moments, they’ll happen far less often. In terms of food in this example, just recite that second sentence in your head, gulp down that glass of water you didn’t touch and hope they eat it really quickly.
#5: Subdue Small Things to Build Self-Control
Winning a body building competition is somewhat intimidating. Getting to really low body fat percentages is too! Same thing goes for hefty weight gain and strength building goals. Master the small things first as they’ll add to the amount of fitness-willpower you can apply to the big stuff. Here’s a couple easy examples:

  • Form
  • Power moves
  • Tempo
  • Endurance

#6: Lessen the Willpower Load
Having a workout buddy, hiring a personal trainer or using fitness apps and things are ways to basically outsource your willpower load. Take advantage of them! Listen, willpower is a big part of fitness…huge! What do you do to maintain it, strengthen it, and gain an edge? We’d love to know.