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Morning, Noon, or Night? When Should You Workout?

Morning, Noon, or Night? When Should You Workout?

So far the 21st century has unveiled many amazing discoveries about the human body and human performance. We’ve gotten rid of plenty of misunderstands and created just as many it seems. With the introduction of worldwide mass communication, the amount of opinions, conflicting studies and misinformation can be daunting.
When IS the best time to workout? The truth has to do with the earth’s daily 24 hour rotation. Otherwise known as your Circadian rhythm, on an instinctual level your workouts should really cater to your own internal schedule.
Are you a morning person or are you someone that really hits their energy peak closer to noon? Or, is exercise best kept for the later hours? Hey, maybe you work out at 2 a.m.! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits from each part of the day.
3 Benefits of Morning Workouts
A fair amount of people workout in the morning and when studied over the last decade or so and surveyed, these are among the top three reasons why.

  1. Early Meta-Booster: By getting in a moderate to intense workout and hitting that “afterburner” level, they tend to burn more calories (relatively) throughout the day. For some, this could be as early as 4 a.m., while for others, 8 to 10.
  2. Consistency: Some studies have shown early riser fitness lovers to be among the most consistent. Probably because there’s so much less to be distracted by while most everyone else is still sleeping or just waking up.
  3. Appetite: Other studies, and tons of people, seem to show that earlier workouts help control appetite throughout the day – less big cravings and crashes.

3 Benefits of Afternoon Workouts
Okay, let’s head into the busier afternoon hours when the gym floor is bustling with activity and the smoothie bar blenders are running full-tilt.

  1. Productivity: Studies from the corporate world show “lunchtime” and “noonish” employee workouts boost productivity! Many people claim this is true from the personal perspective as well.
  2. More Social: Because there’s so many people and eye candy getting their pump on, it feels more social and some people prefer that to working out alone, or literally alone with barely anyone else around.
  3. Classes: Fitness classes of all kinds are on the rise across the board, and peak hours for many gyms and instructors is in the afternoon when working folks are done for the day.

3 Benefits of Evening Workouts
So much good stuff going on here. Now let’s take a look at the night owls.

  1. Better Sleep: Some people just have TONS of energy everyday whether they like it or not. To help rid themselves of all that excess energy in the evenings before bed, they workout hard before dinner.
  2. Hormonal Changes: Hormone levels, in general, tend to peak around 5 pm, so for a fair amount of people out there evening workouts (5-8) are the most effective.
  3. Daily Wipe: For many gym rats out there, even workouts are a way to decompress from the day, completely de-stress, and wipe the mental slate clean. It’s works wonders!

And there you have it folks. So when do you tend to workout? And do you agree that technically evening workouts are the most effective in terms of muscle building and fat loss?

Is 2016 Going To Be Your Year In Fitness

Don’t Wait…
Let’s End This Year Strong

At the time of writing this, we’re two weeks away from the 2016 New Year. January is right around the corner and individuals are planning their fitness resolutions from now.
It’s a bit sad really. I see the same people making the same promises year after year and yet, come mid January they get distracted and put off their goals until the following year.
Do you have a 2016 fitness goal? Are you actually waiting until 2016 to start taking the appropriate actions to get you there?
I know it’s the holiday season and you’re a bit busy. You just want to get through this hectic time and start a new program with a new year. It’s an almost justifiable way of thinking.
Here’s a harsh but truthful statement for you…
If you’re willing to wait until a certain date to take a “goal oriented” action, then you’re probably not excited about it. If you’re not excited about it then you probably don’t want it. If you don’t want it, then guess what? You’re just not going to get it.
This applies to any goal you might have in life. If you have a financial goal, then you need to be excited about the hard work ethic that will get you there.
Let’s try something different this year. Instead of starting next year with a new goal in mind, let’s end this year with a bang. Anyone can start something, but only those who truly want it will see it through to the end.

An Ab Blasting Workout for Cardio Lovers

An Ab Blasting Gym Workout for Cardio Lovers

Here’s a thought, instead of putting yourself through another 30 minute cardio session after hitting your abs for a while, why not combine them into one ab blaster workout? We’re going to break the cardio up into 3 shorter, powerful, and intense sessions with lots of great ab-work between.
Try to minimize rest as much as humanly possible, and ideally, choose a different form of ab-friendly cardio for each set. Keep your body on its toes and add some flavor to your routine, enjoy!
Intensity: Most people forget to include power to their ab routine. After a while, ordinary crunches or reverse crunches are no longer effective builders. But, if you do them in quick controlled bursts that’s a whole different story. Try and add as much intensity to each little ab-set below for the best results.
Cardio Set 1: 10 Minutes Rowing
Rowing is a full-body, functional, and rewarding form of cardio that while gaining in popularity still seems to intimidate some folks. All you have to do is keep your head up (instead of staring at your feet) and shoulders back and away from your ears. Shoot for either 10 solid minutes of rowing, or, 1600 meters (1 mile), whichever comes first.
·         30-40 crunches:
·         20 Reverse crunches:
·         15 Bicycle crunches:
Cardio Set 2: 10 Minutes Stairclimber
Find a program that keeps the intensity level constantly shifting up and down. An ideal setting is one that challenges you, but not so much that you need to hold on to the handlebars. Incorporate the internal balance and stabilization mechanisms and muscles if possible. This puts more tension on the core and will help you build al the smaller “body control” muscles.
·         25 Leg Lifts:
·         60 second Plank Triad:
·         15 Bicycle crunches:
Cardio Set 3: 10 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
These can be deceptive at times. For this last set, aim for 10 minutes of slow and steady movement against higher resistance levels where you’re using both your arms and legs. Again, keep your head up, breathe from the diaphragm, and keep the metabolic momentum going for the last ab-sets.
·         20 Reverse crunches:
·         24 Standing Side-Crunches:
·         15 Toe-Touches:
The basic structure of this workout can be used to create near endless routines. Breaking apart your longer cardio sessions and adding in body weight exercises or resistance training sets is a stellar way to make workouts more effective and exciting.
However, if you’re in a mass-building phase these types of workouts are likely too intense and burn too many calories. For those after tightening and toning, it doesn’t get much better. Thanks for reading and remember to always continue experimenting with your workouts.

Get More Out Of Your Fitness Efforts

Most People Are NOT Getting The Absolute Most Out Of Their Fitness Efforts And Here’s Why…

It can be frustrating. You work hard and eat right yet your body is not changing as fast as you would like. You have a life outside of the gym so 3-hour workouts are just not an option.
Your friends all criticize you for your healthy meal choices as you enjoy your veggie plate while they overindulge on that large pizza.
You’re truly trying, but you feel stuck with your progress. What could you possibly be doing wrong? what should you change?
Here are 6 quick tips that are sure to help you get the most out of your fitness program:

1 – Finish strong with workout finishers. If you’re looking to get lean, then be sure to add a short (but intense) workout finisher at the end of your routine. This is NOT the time to experiment with new exercises. You just completed a full workout and you’re fatigued. You want to stay safe with exercises that your body is accustomed to. A great place to start is the workout finishers 2.0 program.

2 – Stop justifying those small mishaps. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, but believe me when I tell you that all those little things add up. I recently wrote an entire article on just this topic. Missing a workout this week will probably not set you back at all, but if you make a habit out of it, 2 missed workouts per week equals 104 missed every year. That’s gonna hurt. The same is true for that small piece of dessert. When you justify it because of how small it was, you then forget about it – and all the others that follow. Don’t justify these little mishaps, instead acknowledge them and be honest with yourself.

3 – You can take a day to recover, but there’s no such thing as a day off. This tip is straight from the Evolution SIX program. A rest / recovery day is NOT a day off from your fitness regimen. A rest day has an important purpose and that purpose is to recover from your previous workouts. Recovery requires rest, muscle relaxation, and high quality nutrition and supplementation.

4 – Learn to sprint. If you’re not already incorporating sprints into your workout, then you are definitely missing out on one of the best (if not the best) workouts available to you. Sprinting is arguably the king of workouts. I have seen out of shape marathon runners and bodybuilders, but have never seen an out of shape sprinter. Take the time to train and learn how to sprint correctly as sprint can get intense.

5 – Supplement your way to success. If you’re working out regularly and eating right, then supplements can definitely help you achieve faster fitness results. When your body goes through the stress and strain of a good workout, you’ll need to make sure that the nutrients your consuming can provide adequate recovery. Since food quality is nowhere near optimal, largely because of today’s processing methods, you simply can not rely on diet alone.

This fact alone is why we created the Evolution SIX Men’s Formula and the Evolution SIX Women’s Formula. I highly recommend that you try our daily packets for yourself.

6 – Follow a proven to work system. Don’t waste your time trying to figure things out on your own. Follow a system that has already worked for so many others. We’re giving away full access to our entire Evolution SIX fitness training program with the purchase of any of our nutritional supplements. You’ll get instant access to all the tools you need to take your fitness to the next level.

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Hope you found these quick tips helpful.