The 100 Rep Chin-Up Challenge

Arguably on of the single best exercises anyone can do to improve their overall physique is the chin up.
Chin ups (or standard pull ups) create the sought after V shaped upper torso which displays strength, confidence and the “illusion” of a slimmer mid-section.
The other day I decided to structure an entire workout around this one exercise. That’s right, I completely threw the concept of variety out the window and decided to do 100 reps of one of my favorite / least favorite exercises (my favorite because of how beneficial they are, and least favorite because they are so difficult and demanding).

Workout Goal

The goal of this workout couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is complete 100 chin-ups. That’s it. Forget about sets and reps. Get out there and accumulate 100.
Be sure to challenge yourself. This should not be an all day event. Set a timer and see how long it takes your to do 100 proper chin-up. That’s right, I said proper. Make each and every chin-up count. Come down to a full dead hang and perform a controlled chin-up. There is no kipping or swinging. This is a true chin up challenge.

Can’t do a proper chin-up? No problem…

Not everyone can do a full chin up (and 100 might seem unrealistic to some). Don’t be discouraged, there are many alternatives that challenge the same muscle groups. Work our your chin-up variations and you’ll be doing proper chin-ups in no time.
Here are a few alternative exercises.

Pull Downs

Using a high pulley and a standard bar, you can work on your chin-ups by challenging yourself with heavy set pull downs. Keeping the palms towards you (basic chin-up grip) focus on using the muscles of your back to bring the bar down to your upper sternum – just below your chin. Do not round your shoulders. instead, keep a tall posture and make sure to keep your shoulders pinched back and down away from your ears.

TRX Rows

TRX offers one of the best (if not THE best) suspension trainers on the market today. With the TRX suspension trainer, you can perform several variations of rows and pulls that will help you improve your chin-up game.

Assisted Chin-Ups

A powerband can offer a bit of assistance when you need it. The thicker the band, the more assistance it will give you.

Record your time

Be sure to record your time and let me know how you did. If you’re completing this workout in less than 20 minutes, then it’s time to up the resistance… that’s right, that’s when it’s time for some weighted chin ups.
Have fun and be sure to let me know how you did.